Palm Springs Kaiser Medical Malpractice Attorney

California Kaiser Permanente HMO Arbitration Lawyer

If you are an employee in California with your health care coverage through Kaiser Permanente, you know that any claim you make for reimbursement must go through an arbitration process. What you may not know is that most people who represent themselves in the arbitration have their claims denied. You want an experienced attorney to protect your interests, someone who fully understands the Kaiser system, and has helped others get the benefits they need and deserve.

At the Law Offices of Giulio Massi, I bring more than 23 years of experience to people in California who have suffered a personal injury, including people who have sought reimbursement for medical expenses through Kaiser Permanente. Before dedicating my practice exclusively to the rights of injured people, I defended insurance companies in personal injury claims. I know how companies like Kaiser operate, and can help you take the appropriate steps to get your claim approved.