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California Medication Errors Attorney

At the Law Offices of Giulio Massi, I have aggressively represented personal injury victims in California since 1987. A former insurance defense lawyer, I know how to anticipate the strategies and tactics insurance companies and their attorneys will use to challenge your claim. I will use my extensive experience, skill, knowledge and resources to help you get full and fair compensation for all your losses. Because of my strong reputation in the legal community for integrity and hard work, many of my new cases come to me as referrals from other law firms and satisfied clients.

I offer a free initial consultation. To schedule a private meeting, contact my office by e-mail or call me at 760-469-4403 (toll free at 877-320-2940).

Protecting Victims of Nursing and Medication Mistakes

In today’s world, where hospitals and other medical facilities tend to be more focused on profit than quality of care, mistakes often occur. Administrators cut corners and seek to increase the bottom line by reducing staffing, by hiring less qualified employees, or by failing to provide adequate training or resources.

I handle all types of claims involving nursing negligence, such as:

  • Failure by a nurse to properly monitor the condition of a patient
  • Errors in the administration of medication
  • Failure to properly restrain or protect a patient, including the use of bed rails, leading to unnecessary falls
  • Failure to properly turn or move a bedridden patient, resulting in bed sores or decubitus ulcers

I also represent people who have suffered needless injury because of medication errors, including:

  • Prescribing or administering the wrong drug
  • Prescribing or administering the wrong dosage
  • Failing to gather the necessary medical history to determine allergies or reactions to certain drugs

I will file and prepare all documentation required to pursue compensation for your losses, and will be your representative in all legal proceedings. I will also work directly with insurance companies to get the benefits you need and deserve.