Californians Injured by Fatigued Drivers

Truck drivers are under pressure to deliver their loads on time. When they get behind, they sometimes press on, driving for hours without enough rest. The law requires drivers to get a certain amount of rest after logging a set number of hours or miles behind the wheel. Unfortunately, many drivers disregard the law in an effort to deliver on time, putting other motorists at serious risk.

I am Giulio Massi, a Palm Desert truck wreck lawyer representing Californians injured by fatigued drivers. I founded The Law Offices of Giulio Massi strictly to help injured people. Truck accident cases are at the core of my practice. When truck drivers and trucking companies take unacceptable risks simply for the sake of making on-time deliveries and making more profit, I hold them accountable for the injuries they inflict on innocent motorists.

Fatigued Truck Drivers Are Dangerous Truck Drivers

Truck drivers falling asleep at the wheel is one of the major causes of commercial vehicle accidents in California. Tired drivers make errors at much higher rates that well-rested ones. As a personal injury attorney, one of my primary tasks is to examine the facts and determine whether driver fatigue caused the crash.

With 25 years of experience, I know how to tell whether truck driver fatigue contributed to an accident. I regularly work with investigators and accident reconstructionists whose job it is to accurately explain how the crash occurred. In building your case, I will examine the driver’s logbooks to see how many hours he or she was on the road, interview witnesses and take other important steps toward showing negligence on the part of the truck driver.

Settlement or Trial?

I have forged a reputation as a strong and fair litigator in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area. As a former insurance defense lawyer, I understand the tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying claims, even legitimate ones. Further, I know how to locate and coordinate the multiple insurance policies that may be involved in the case.

Armed with this experience and information, I will be prepared to negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf. If the opposition resists paying, you can rely on my skills as a trial lawyer as your case proceeds to the courtroom.

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I take all truck crash cases on a contingency fee basis. That means you owe no attorney’s fees unless I obtain compensation for you.